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What happens after the fancy cartoon ending?

I’ve never quite understood the obsession with fairytales, but I suppose they weren’t ever aimed at my audience…or sex, for that matter. And I’m absolutely confused by all the Kim and Kris hoopla -- especially since, who really thought they would ever work out? Despite his basketball salary, the guy is more like me than any of Kim’s entourage.

Sure, little girls have grown up rooting for the likes of Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and Rapunzel, so cheering for a happily-ever-after has been drilled in since toddlerdom. But with so much pressure surrounding weddings, I’m surprised more people don’t elope -- btw our wedding was awesome and stress-free (well, that’s a lie, but it was awesome).

When I hear about couples who have been together for less than a year -- and they’re getting married -- I can’t help but question their lasting power (of course my scoffs are always behind closed doors or under my breath). If no one spoke out about it before the engagement, then who am I to be the bearer of bad news? I have so many friends who are engaged, but they still haven’t had their first fight yet! Or they haven’t lived together. (I’m a huge proponent of co-habitating before marriage -- case in point: The No Fart Club) You should know what to expect about your spouse’s living habits before you say I do. Because no matter how hard you try, you won’t ever change your partner.

So why do we still believe that fairytales can happen with so much evidence to the contrary? I’m the first to admit that we all need something to look forward to. At one point, we’ll probably hold our own lives to that standard. I mean, there’s a reason that every fairytale ends with the happily ever after image at the altar: If they showed the following day or week at home, it wouldn’t be as glitzy or glamorous. It would be filled with just as many ups and downs, and perhaps a few snow white and prince charming divorces.

What about you guys -- do you think we need fairytale endings? What’s your theory on why we believe them after so much evidence to the contrary?

-- Jack