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When the Bickersons Get Engaged

Ever had a hard time acting excited about a friend's engagement, cause, like, you think it's bad-ish news?

You know how some people should just break up? I mean like, “I can't talk you through another fight with this d-bag because I’ve hit my limit with your relationship drama, and please, for the love of puppies and sunshine, why won’t you just break the hell up?” I don't know, maybe all of your friends are already married, but a few of mine are still in dating land. In my mind, dating is about finding the right person. So if you’re fighting all the time, and just generally having a rotten day-to-day, then maybe you aren't with the right person? Call me kooky.

Anyway, this morning a really good friend who is in that exact type of relationship called to tell me she's engaged. And it wasn't the hypothetical, basking in the afterglow, pretend engaged where he says he wants to marry you after a great shag. Nope, this was real, with a ring and everything. It was an awkward call. On one hand, I was happy for her, because I think she wanted it. Also (shameful confession time) I love engagement stories. Can I get an “amen” on that, ladies? I mean, I know there are a ton of engagement story lovin' folks out there, or else crap like this story wouldn’t get so many views. But the thing is, I wasn't nearly as jazzed for my friend as I might have been for someone else. Why? Because in my gut, I don't think this couple should tie the knot. At least not without logging about a hundred hours of premarital counseling first, which sounds, I know.

So tell me, have you guys been through this? Any tips?

-- Holly

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