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Do Your Friends Flirt With Your Husband?

At what point would you pipe up and say something?

Every so often, one of my girlfriends will call me up and GO OFF about how some other toxic friend of hers was all up in her husband's grill and like, "Oh my God, can you believe that she was flirting with my husband right in front of me?!?!" I always do my best to listen politely and offer my sympathy. But I have a hard time getting very worked up about this sort of thing, and here's why: Almost all of my girlfriends have, at one time or another, flirted with my husband. No exaggeration.

I know I've blabbed about Jack's hotness in this blog before, and I'm sure that most readers were like, yawn, congrats on being in love and all, but please shut up -- you're making us all a little nauseous. I hear you. But seriously, my husband has a crazy effect on women. Even really buttoned-up, poker-faced women! He just...kind of melts them somehow. It's a phenomenon I've witnessed so many times that I just kind of laugh and roll my eyes. A friend of mine will waltz into my house, tired, grumpy and whiny, and she'll take one look at Jack and just light up. She'll become bubbly, giggly and cute, her posture will improve, and she’ll start playing with her hair and, well...beaming. These same girlfriends tell me how much they LOVE my husband, how they have the most amazing conversations with him (cut to Jack, nodding periodically as the friend talks nonstop for 20 minutes).

Does all this flirting bother me? Honestly, not really. There have been a few times when I've had to check in with Jack to ask him if a specific girl's behavior crossed any lines (so far the answer has mostly been no -- with a few drunken exceptions). So, it's been kind of a nonissue. (But that’s not how it is for all women -- even Heidi Klum has a no-flirting policy.)

A big piece of the pie is Jack's behavior, which (lucky for me) is squeaky-clean. I mean, listen, we all like attention, and we all like to be validated by people who think we’re hot. But I can honestly say that Jack doesn't do anything to fish for it. And I think that's why I'm cool with it. I won't lie, I have laughed about the Jack effect a few times. I mean, come on -- I'm no saint, especially when one of my friends is acting redic. But there's never been anger behind it. (But check out what other couples have to say about flirting.)

Have any of you guys dealt with this? Tell it.

-- Holly

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