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‘Friends with Kids’

The new movie explores issues Holly and I have discussed for years.

Maybe you’ve heard of that new movie ‘Friends with Kids’ that debuts this weekend. It stars Jon Hamm and his off-screen girlfriend, Jennifer Westfeldt – better known as ‘that girl from Kissing Jessica Stein’ – who also wrote and directed it. Usually, Holly’s the one who wants to check out the latest rom-com. And look, I’m not saying I’m into rom-coms per se, but this one sounds different.

Supposedly, it takes a very candid, modern-day approach to relationships, the decision to become parents, and the reality of it all. In a nutshell: the main character decides to have a baby with her best friend, so they can both satisfy their desires to be parents without having to deal with the marital havoc that raising a baby can cause.

This isn’t necessarily the approach I’d want to take to parenting, but I get it. I mean, having Holly as my potential baby mama makes all the difference in the world. That said, we’ve seen what our couple friends have gone through post-baby, and it definitely changes the dynamic of the union, to say the least. I feel confident enough in my bond with Holly that nothing serious would go wrong – barring a few screaming matches and perhaps one or two bouts of silent treatment, which I can handle. But really, how are we to know what will happen?

The point is, I’m really interested to see how this movie depicts parenthood as a relationship game-changer, and what kinds of discussions it’ll lead to between Holly and myself.

If you found yourself partner-less but with baby fever, would you consider conceiving with a good friend? And do you/did you ever worry about the effect having a baby will/would have on your relationship? Discuss.

-- Jack