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Gift Giving Gone Digital

Can you tell I'm scoffing?

Holly and I have reached a whole new level of deciphering what we hope will be under the metaphorical Christmas tree this year (because let's be honest, at $80 a pop for a small tree in the city, we're not having an evergreen Christmas in our apartment). We've started a Google Doc (I'm almost ashamed to say) of what we want. So at any moment, Holly can update her list and I can update mine. That's right: There's no guessing, no legwork -- just a cold, hard, grocery list of things.

Guess whose grand idea it was? Okay, don't point fingers: It was Holly! She's gotten out of control. I mean, sure, I'm not great at figuring out what she wants (alright, I'm terrible), but I still try. Isn't that what gift giving is all about? You know, it's the thought that counts and all that jazz?

Okay, maybe I'm seeing it a little bit: She's tired of getting crappy jewelry and gift cards to stores she doesn't even go to. But what about the romance of unwrapping something? You're not sure what it is, and it's so exciting. Sure, the letdown and all the returns aren't as glamorous, but give a guy a break (again)!

Anyway, I guess it will help. But the whole idea of exchanging gift ideas via the Internet really kills the spirit of the holidays for me. It makes everything so official and business-like.

What do you guys think? Are Google Doc wish lists making it to your relationship sometime soon? I know it sounds like every guy's dream, but it really does put a damper on getting and giving gifts.

-- Jack