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We're Leaving on a Jet Plane

It's time for some much-needed R&R.

It's official. Holly and I are taking off for Costa Rica! I've gotta say, I feel like a giddy little schoolgirl. It's been so long since we took some time off and went all out (well, we're not going all out, but we'll splurge a bit). We're completely shirking our familial responsibilities by not visiting any relatives for Thanksgiving (is that bad?). But, we've gotta get outta Dodge.

Have you ever had one of those, well, I would say days, but for Holly and me, it's been months. The problems just keep coming...and coming. We moved recently, but it wasn't your typical move. Holly and I carried our entire apartment down the street -- queen-size bed, couch, TV, get the point. You may be wondering, why? It just wasn't worth it to pay movers to take our stuff down the block. Sure, it took about five hours and we were sore after (well, Holly was sore), but it was worth it. The seven-hour drive to visit family immediately after the move, however, was not.

Then, last weekend we spent five grueling hours in IKEA. I know, that sounds like a cakewalk to some, but let me finish. Our apartment is rather empty now after our pre-move purge (we were tired of and annoyed with packing), so we've had to fill the emptiness (seriously, it echoes). While in IKEA, we couldn't agree on anything, and I mean anything. Down to the trash can and bathroom hooks. When we finally finished our pathetic attempt at a spree, we checked out. Only to find that nothing fit in the car. Okay, maybe I should've measured. It came down to us unpacking our purchases to fit them in the car. Ultimately, we gave up on our desk. But the fun didn't end there; we had to bring it back inside and wait in a two-hour return line (as in we were number 09, and they were on 59). We were considering paying shipping, which was more than the desk itself, just so we could get out of there. We left feeling utterly defeated.

Sure, moving and shopping don't sound like reasons to need a vacation -- but we do! There have been other problems packed on top, but I'll spare you. What about you -- doing anything unexpected for Thanksgiving break? Ever had one of those months when you've just got to get away? Where'd you escape to?

-- Jack