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My High School Reunion Wasn't What I'd Always Thought It Would Be

It was better.

Dave likes to say I have "so many best friends." I think he's right. But I see that as a blessing, not a burden. So when I found out I could take a break from my day job to attend my 10-year high school reunion in Philadelphia this past weekend, I couldn't wait to see (all) my best friends and show off my Biance!

Being a date at someone else's high school reunion was an interesting experience. Because I'm seven years older than Stephanie, I was the old man (minus one random man who was literally old). People asked probing questions. It was basically one big forum of judgment. According to Steph my job was to try look good and be charming. Um, Stef..."Try"?

Turns out, people said, "hi" to Dave before I could even introduce him, mentioning they knew him from this blog!

Being the eye candy comes with the territory at events like your significant other's reunions, work functions and family affairs. Basically one's only real task is not to do or say anything embarrassing. That's a tough one for me, as I tend to try to push the envelope with strangers after one too many vodka-tonics.

Looking back, I always envisioned going to my 10-year reunion married, settled and loaded. I may have gone 0/3, but I wasn't alone. In fact, it was nice to see other girls had Biances too! Some of my classmates had husbands and some, (including my bestie) are having babies! But almost all of my former classmates were pretty much strangers to Dave. As always, he made the best of the situation and even provided some good laughs for my friends. He cut right into a circle of my friends and in his best catty-gossipy-girl voice says, "OMG, did you see Tiffany?? Would you say 20, 30 llbs??" They all burst.

What was your High School reunion like? Did you bump into an old crush? Did you regret going? Fill us in!

Stephanie Tsoflias is a reporter for WPIX in New York City. You can follow her on Facebook and Twitter (@lifeofareporter). Dave Siegel is a writer and stand up comedian in New York City. The Richmond, Virgina area can see him at the Funnybone this weekend and follow him on Twitter (@StandUpDave).

-- Stephanie and Dave