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Kids on the Honeymoon?

Reese Witherspoon Made it a Family Affair.

Reese Witherspoon recently married some dude named Jim Toth (and I know this because Holly told me -- not because I’m secretly a 21-year-old woman) and then took a big family trip with children in tow, rather than a traditional honeymoon. I'm sure that Witherspoon was worried about helping her children through the weird and confusing process of gaining a stepfather, but as a husband, I'm just going to come out and say it: Toth got shafted.

Here's the deal: In the most overly simplified Neanderthal terms, weddings are for brides, and honeymoons are for grooms. Let the angry comments begin! In reality, men enjoy the wedding (myself included), and women enjoy the honeymoon. But there are points in the bizarrely stressful wedding-planning process when the only thing that gets a guy through it is the thought that afterward, there will be a vacation devoted entirely to sex. I mean, seriously -- when else will you go on a getaway where it's understood that your only real responsibility is to orchestrate a shidt-ton of shagging? Poor dude.

What do you guys think? Sweet, or shafted?

-- Jack

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