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Honoring the Late Steve Jobs

Thanks for being a role model for smart rebels everywhere.

I’ve never been a serious technology consumer, but I have to tip my hat for the late Steve Jobs (1955-2011). In just 56 short years, he’s accomplished more than I had ever dreamed of even as a little boy (fyi, I always wanted to be a fireman, but nowadays, the idea of running into a burning building just scares the living s#it outta me).

Considering the guy was a college dropout, it was against the odds that he'd start up a legendary technology company with a market value of $350 billion -- in his parents' garage, no less. You know what I did in my parent’s garage? You don't want to know.

In an address to Stanford University, Jobs admitted to having dropped out college because he felt he was wasting his parents' hard-earned savings. Befitting for a man who made his first significant profits as a high school student selling devices that allowed people to make freee (illegal) phone calls and was once fired from his own company to boldy (and eloquently) face an audience of new graduates and explain to them how quitting school was the best decision he'd ever made, because it allowed him to pursue his own curiosity instead of "the well-worn path."

His advice may not apply to everyone, but it does speak the different ways we can acheive success by not wasting our time "living someone else's life." Those are words I won't soon forget. Fireman? I guess that's just someone else's life. The fact that I'm happy with my life shows me that I followed my intuition, which Jobs always encouraged over all else.

Jobs was a visionary in my books. Even if you’re not an Apple fanatic (hey, I'm a PC after all), you have to respect this guy. So, what do you think the late, great Steve Jobs crowning acheivement was?

-- Jack