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My Married Life: How Much "Dark Past" is Too Much?

In her great Modern Love piece in The New York Times, writer Jillian Lauren talks about meeting her now-husband Scott Shriner. Lauren had to tackle some tough topics on the very first date, and not the typical tough topics like, “Oh, I’m recently out of a long-term relationship,” but rather, the fact that she'd once been a member of a harem for the Sultan of Brunei's younger brother. No, really.

Shriner brought it up because a friend of a friend had seen Lauren's picture on an episode of True Hollywood Story (presumably about the harem). Lauren, who was aggressively trying to build a new life for herself, expected Shriner to bolt when she told him everything. But he didn't. And the rest, as they say, is history.

I love this story. I guess it's because I truly believe in redemption. I believe in it because I've seen it firsthand. I've seen people come from worse and truly turn their lives around for good. So I get why Shriner was able to get over Lauren's past and commit to having a future with her. But there aren't a ton of people out there who are capable of that level of love and acceptance.

Tell me the truth -- if your spouse had once been a sex worker, could you get over it enough to go on and marry them?

-- Holly

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