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Jennie Garth and Peter Facinelli Divorcing?!

Somehow I thought their marriage would be Hollywood-proof.

As an unabashedly devoted Beverly Hills, 90210 and Twilight fan (go ahead, laugh), I’m practically teary over the recently announced split of Jennie Garth and Peter Facinelli after 11 years of marriage. I’m not usually one to care -- or be shocked -- by celeb splits, but what a bummer! These two and their three little girls just seem like the cutest family.

As a teen, I remember watching 90210 religiously (I admit to watching it in repeats too) and having such an affinity for Kelly Taylor, who always seemed like such a sweetie to me -- even when she was hooking up with Dylan behind Brenda’s back! I mean, there was the fire she survived, the diet pills incident, her mother’s alcoholism -- Kelly endured a lot. She deserved a happy marriage to a mysterious, handsome vampire!

Okay, okay, I know it’s all fantasy. And I know that Hollywood marriages last about as long as the filter in my Brita water pitcher. But when you grow up idolizing TV, music and movie stars, you kind of feel like they’re old friends (well, I do), and you want to see them in happy, healthy relationships, not going through painful things like divorce. Eh, it serves me right for watching too much TV as a kid. Now if only I could nip my newfound Vampire Diaries addiction in the bud….

Fellow 90210 fans: I know you’re out there. Let’s pay homage to Jennie Garth as she goes through this tough time. Tell me your favorite Kelly Taylor memory or 90210 episode!

-- Holly