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How Do You Keep the "Spark" Alive in Your Relationship?

For us, it can’t really be found at Victoria’s Secret.

The scene I hate in every romantic comedy ever is when the married couple is getting ready for bed, like they’ve presumably done a thousand times before, and the wife emerges from the bathroom in slow motion, wearing some scant, lacy number. Hubby (anyone from Hugh Grant to Steve Carell) inevitably has the exact same response: unbridled virility and lust. It's the equivalent of a cartoon character's eyes literally bulging out of his head and snapping back into place like a rubber band. I'm sorry, but it just doesn't happen that way, ladies. This is real life.

I find keeping the spark alive in our relationship to be fairly easy. Seriously, it is! I've always been very attracted to Dave, and I mean, why wouldn't the feeling be mutual? (If it wasn’t, I'd demand a Barry's Bootcamp refund!) But being that we live together and aren't married yet, I place priority on keeping things fresh.

On my last birthday, Stephanie took me out to a beautiful, trendy restaurant I’d never been to. Afterward, we met a couple of friends at a bar that I particularly like. Both aspects of the evening were a surprise to me -- and pleasant ones at that. A few days prior, Steph had asked me if I’d like to see her in some sexy lingerie on my birthday.'s where I effed up big time. My answer: "Eh, it's like painting a used car." PSA to all men: Don't ever compare your wife, girlfriend or any woman in your life to anything used. Or to a car.

Some guys go gaga over lingerie, high heels and other sexy stuff. Not Dave. Phew! But I've got to be honest: While some women may dread having to wear this stuff, I don't mind. (Too much information?!) I want to feel sexy around him. But it's never fun when you go out of your way, drop large amounts of dough at Frederick's of Hollywood -- and you don't even get so much as an "Ooh la la."

Is there literally one heterosexual man out there in the world who would utter "Ooh la la"? Look, we like seeing some sexy lingerie. But don't expect that movie moment. We already know what's under there. That restaurant I'd never been to -- that was a surprise. The unexpected appearance of good friends? A surprise. Lingerie? Well, let's just say that Victoria's Secret is out of the bag. The truth is, I'm just as turned on by Stephanie in a pair of sweats, because that’s when she’s at her most comfortable and that's what I truly love. Awwww. See that?

Luckily for me, I can roll out of bed and that's considered sexy to Dave. But sometimes I just want to feel like Heidi Klum or Gisele!

What about your man? Does he demand you wear lingerie? Is he still enamored by your sexy waltz into the bedroom?

-- Stephanie and Dave