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Let's Talk Vacation Goals

Here are mine: naps and snacks

This post about spring break vacation ideas cracked me up. Jack and I don't have kids, but we still have a hard time planning couple’s getaways that will give us the chill pill we need. We are both super-guilty of gravitating toward overly ambitious vacation ideas. Now, when I say overly ambitious, I don’t mean that our ideas are too glamorous, too high-end or anything cool like that. I'm talking about getaways that require a lot of effort, aka work. Think: camping or biking hundreds of miles.

So when blogger Heather Armstrong wrote that she'd like to take her finicky daughter Leta for a mother-daughter vacay that would consist of hanging out in a hotel room and eating chips, I was like, ding, ding, ding! Ladies and gentlemen, I think we have ourselves a winner! I am so at that level of exhaustion and depletion that I would love a weekend of lying around with Jack on high-thread-count sheets, eating yummy snacks and...fine, partaking in the occasional shag (for our cardiovascular health, of course). I've gotta be honest, I really don't care where we’d even go. I'd be happy to do it right in the heart of NYC (like these NYC staycation ideas) if that's what it took to make it doable.

Gotta go -- I'm off to scour Priceline for hotel bargains. But first one question: Would you and your spouse and ever be into a vacation weekend this lazy?

-- Holly

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