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Loaded Questions

The holidays are always fraught with uncomfortable conversations.

We all know what the holiday season brings: Good food, gifts, quality time with family...and awkward comments from parents about having children. Every year, I forget how uncomfortable it can be to field questions like that.

Since Jack and I haven't even begun to cross that bridge yet, we kind of just limp through the questions. "So, you two have been together for how many years now? Five? Wait, seven? When's a little one coming our way?" says my mother. Oh, dear god.

This year, one of our family friends -- a lifelong friend of mine -- was over with her newborn, so I was getting it from all sides. "Holly, look how good your mom is with kids! When are you going to give her a baby to spoil?!" All this time, I thought my friend was on my side. It was a mommy ambush!

I tried to change the subject...with little success. There's something about new mothers (and hopeful potential grandmothers): They have this uncanny ability to make any subject of conversation about babies. The football game on TV? Well, Bryson loves watching TV, but he prefers The Wiggles. The amazing stuffing mom made? Just an FYI, Bryson can't eat solid foods yet, but his favorite food right now is actually mushed up apples, which is so funny because his mommy loves apples too!

It's not that I don't want children. Y'all should know by now that Jack and I do want kids, we're just not ready for them. No time. No money. No clock ticking. (Okay maybe the timer is running out, but can't we go into overtime?) When push comes to shove we just tell whoever is asking that when we're ready, they'll be the first to know. That usually puts a smile on my mom's or other curious questioners faces and we can move on to more important topics, like food.

What about you guys? Any topics you try to avoid during the holidays that have the annoying habit of popping up despite all efforts? What's your way of dodging to subject?

-- Holly