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What's Your Longest Sexual Dry Spell?

Let's play the blame game: What was the biggest contributing factor to said “dry spell”?

Postslike this on boards, which talks about a couple who went 18 months without doing the deed, always get my click. I guess there's just something about being able to peer into other peoples’ sex lives and see what's normal (and not) that draws me in. I don't know about you, but I'm always kind of wondering where Holly and I fit in on the freak spectrum. But after reading this post, I remembered, oh yeah, there is no normal.

One woman posted about a work friend who'd had a dry spell of over 18 months (OH, HELL NO!!), and others said their longest drought lasted only a week (am I the only one rolling my eyes over that?). Suffice it to say, Holly and I fall somewhere in the middle. I'm not going to spill too many details, because I have to get up, look you all in the (proverbial) eye and blog again next week. But I will say that it exceeded a week. On the upside, Holly and I don't have kids (pregnancy seems to get a lot of the blame for long, sexless stretches). But on the downside, we’re frequently apart and often insanely fatigued when together because of our work schedules. So for us, work and physical distance are the biggest culprits.

Okay, now your turn. What was your longest dry spell, and what do you think was the cause?

-- Jack