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Love Is Blind...But In a Good Way

Stop looking at his big gut and focus on his big heart.

I was poking around online this weekend when I came across this LA Times article that talks about how married couples who exaggerate their partner’s good qualities and forget the bad ones are happier than other couples.

Okay, so we all know that love can blind new lovers -- Jack will be the first to say he wasn’t exactly his coolest around me at first. But like the article says: “When you've made the decision to commit, the positive biases really swing into action. Once the battle has begun, you have to be gung-ho. It can be fatal to do otherwise." Falling in love is like being dropped into the end of a rom-com (I know, slight gag), so if you start doubting yourself -- and, more important, your partner -- that’s when the rose-colored specs come off, and you’re left with an unhappy marriage or relationship.

Like I’ve mentioned before, when you focus in on little faults (like Jack’s uncanny habit to dirty our bathroom mirror), that’s when things get messy (literally). And okay, we all have faults and flaws, and naturally, we notice them, but I’ve learned to move on and ignore certain things that are supposed to bug me. The trick is to make those things seem smaller and look at the big picture, says the article. Of course, there’s one thing I disagree with…it says detail-oriented pictures are bad, giving the example of: "My partner and I will always be passionately attracted to one another." Personally, I think that will be true for Jack and me. I mean, he’s foxy as hell. Pardon my French, but it’s true. I think having that aspect in our relationship has always made us stronger.

What about you guys: Do you think those handy rose-colored goggles help your relationship? Is there one thing about your partner that always helps you see them in a positive light?

-- Holly

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