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Would You Take a Male Birth Control Pill?

Hey, don't look at me!

According to this post on The Frisky, researchers at Columbia University have found a way to temporarily sterilize* mice without affecting libido. The concoction, which uses vitamin A, is a long way from becoming the formal male birth control pill (that's been talked about for as long as I can remember), but it's encouraging. Holly sent the post my way and asked if I'd be willing to take it, if and when it hits the market.

My first reaction was concern over whether it might somehow make me more feminine, hence the somewhat hackish Eat, Pray, Love joke above. My second concern was that it might destroy my libido. But Holly says that I should assume that both are untrue and just answer the damn question already. So in that case... sure, I'd take it. I mean, out of the two of us, I'm better at remembering things like that. I'm great at routine, so Holly would never have to worry about whether I'd forgotten a dose. Meanwhile, she's remembered to take her daily vitamin supplement exactly three times, and they cost something like $60! So, yes, I'd take male birth control pills. But I'd like to hear what other men think about this. Would you take them?

*Am I the only guy who cringes when he hears the word "sterilize"? It feels like a baseball bat to the grapes. Let's hope marketing comes up with something cuddlier before they try to sell an actual male birth control pill.

-- Jack

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