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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Make Marriage a Political Statement

Now that gay marriage is legal, will Brangelina get hitched?

Try to look past the fact that I read another story about Brad Pitt, and don't assume I have a thing for the guy -- or for US Weekly. I was actually trying to find a good post on gay marriage being legalized in New York, but these two kept popping up in my search because they might get married now that same-sex couples can get married in New York. How are these two things connected? Well, Pitt and Jolie have said they wouldn't tie the knot until everyone in this country could get married, so now that New York has made it legal, people are speculating that they're gonna get married (even though the math doesn't exactly add up). But Pitt also has previously said that they might get married because of pressure from the kiddos. Sounds to me like either these tabloids (shockingly) aren't getting their stories straight or Pitt and Jolie don't really care if they get married -- they'll do it when they want to and if they want to (or their kids want them to). And hell, since everyone won't just shut up about it, maybe these two realized that there's no better way to get people off their backs than to make it a political statement.

Honestly, I get it. Getting hitched wasn't all that important to me -- but it was to Holly, so then it was important to me too. But maybe if I didn't have the option, it would've meant a lot more to me. Either way, I'm hoping with Brangelina that the legalizing of gay marriage in New York is the start of a trend that spreads across the country ('cause you know I'm dying to see what they wear to their wedding).

What's your guys' take on marriage -- was it important to you? Oh, and do you think Pitt and his lady will ever make it legal?

-- Jack

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