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Married? You're a Minority, Says Census

America is living in sin, says random grumpy elder

It seems like every week there's another story predicting the end of marriage (e.g., “Cameron Diaz: Marriage Is a Dying Institution"; “Eva Mendez: Marriage Is ‘Very Unsexy’"). But until now, I just shrugged it off as a bunch of crap. I mean, in our current culture, marriage is usually portrayed as old-fashioned and boring. So of course celebs are lining up to diss it. But I didn't realize that Americans, by and large, seem to have followed suit.

According to last year's census, only 48 percent of American households are made up of married couples. That's down from 52 percent 10 years ago. Meanwhile, the number of unmarried couples who are shacking up increased 13 percent over the same period. But the marriage news isn't all negative -- three out of four couples who got married in 1990 hit the 10-year anniversary mark. So it appears that although fewer couples are tying the knot, they are taking their vows more seriously these days.

So here's my question: Since married peeps are now minorities, is hipster status far behind?

-- Holly

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