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Men and Cheating

You'll never believe where they're hooking up now.

I guess I always had this idea that the most tempting times for men were either at bachelor parties (a la The Hangover) or office parties (that coworker in accounting can look pretty foxy after a few free drinks). But boy was I wrong. This story on The Stir blew all my preconceptions of cheating out of the water . A survey performed by asked 2,000 cheating men where they cheated, and over one-third (ack!) of them cheated at a wedding when they went solo. Now, I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I would ever let Jack go to a wedding without me. Besides, if I flat-out couldn’t make it for some reason, I’m pretty sure that would be a good enough excuse for Jack to skip out too.

That said, it would have never occurred to me that weddings were prime-time pickup spots. At least for picking up women. Here I was thinking men were just hoping for some good food and an open bar.

But then I stopped and thought about what the article was putting out there: “[At weddings] people are in from out of town, they get close fast, drink together all night and celebrate love.” Sure, bachelor parties are a close second, but weddings really take the cake when it comes to cheating.

What about you -- are you rethinking those nuptials in the middle of nowhere next month, even if the plane ticket will put you over budget?

-- Holly

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