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News Flash: Men Say "I Love You" Sooner Than Women

I was as surprised as you.

I was pretty surprised to read about this study from MIT that found men say "I love you" first over 60 percent of the time. Um, yeah, WTF is right! And get this: They also think about saying it a whole six weeks before women. Say whaa? If the study wasn't from MIT, I'd question its accuracy. But I kinda love that it flies in the face of everything we tend to hear about men and women in relationships and women supposedly being quicker to come clean about their feelings. We're always watching neurotic women waiting around for their men to drop the L-bomb and doing the chicken dance over those loaded three words (ahem, SATC), but apparently that's not really how things work (at least not anymore) -- and it makes me happy to hear.

The article goes on to talk about what happens after the L-bomb comes out, and it turns out that if the guy says it first, more often than not, we ladies don't trust them. (Is he just trying to get me into bed? Or so I'm imagining the thinking goes.) What's up with that? And have we really gotten that cynical?

I guess I don't totally understand the whole hoopla over those three words. I mean, I've told you about my frequent usage of the L-word. Yeah, so I may have a problem with over-usage (hi, my name is Holly and I'm a love addict...), but Jack says it a lot too. I don't think I could be with someone who wasn't also open with his feelings, but I have to admit that in our relationship, I'm still (usually) the one who says it first -- which doesn't really bother me, since I'm so quick to throw it out there and he's always willing to reciprocate. For other married couples, though, it's more about how often they're saying it to each other.

What about you guys? Who said "I love you" first -- you or your partner? And were you skeptical if you weren't the one to say it first? Who says it more now?

-- Holly

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