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What's Up With Men Who Sue for Alimony?

Is this the lamest thing ever or just fair play?

One of Holly's aunts is going through a really ugly divorce right now. Together, the couple has two children. But the dude she was married to for 10-plus years never earned any money, while Holly's aunt is very wealthy. Besides taking all of the high dollar "toys" that he received as gifts throughout the marriage (think: multiple motorcycles, SUVs, boats and other penile enhancements on wheels), he’s suing for child support, alimony and maintenance, as well as a big fat lump sum for going away (he’s refusing to vacate the house until she coughs it up).

So here's my question: How do men feel about this? Personally, I'm disgusted by it. With the exception of child support (assuming a couple shares custody), I can't get behind a man asking a woman for any form of financial support. I realize that some of you might find this hypocritical, because we’re all supposed to be equals now, and we all (theoretically) have equal earning potential. I get it. I just disagree with it. Honestly, a big part of me wants to call him and say, "Dude, sack up!" I mean, if he had sacrificed his career to stay home with the children and be a primary caregiver, I might cut him some slack. But this guy was busy playing tennis at the country club all day while his soon-to-be-ex ferried the kids around. So as far as I'm concerned, he deserves to be mocked and shamed. Period.

To be honest, I can't imagine any scenario that would make me ask for spousal support. Maybe it's because Holly and I pretty much split everything down the middle, so the idea of one of us living off what the other person brings in is a completely foreign concept. But more than that, I think it's because I really do have some old-fashioned ideas about what it means to be a grown man. And one of those things is that grown men don't mooch money off the women in their lives.

What do you think -- does just saying that make me sexist?

-- Jack