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My Married Life: A Warning to Perfect Couples on Facebook

If you’ve spent any time on Facebook, you’ve read your share of uber-contrived updates. At this point, lots of people have figured out that status updates are the poor man’s press release, which is why I have to hear that one chronically single girl on my friends list just bought multiple pairs of sexy panties but has no one to show them off to (cue the Holly eye roll/forehead slap combo). 

So when I found stfu marrieds (I’ll let you figure out what the letters stand for) I was like, “For me? You shouldn’t have!” There is nothing worse than a couple over-sharing about their relationship via Facebook as if they’re in some kind of love competition. I personally know a guy who regularly updated his status throughout his honeymoon. Every day, it was another mind-blowing revelation of love. It seemed desperate and weird somehow. Like, he couldn’t just be in it with his new bride. He needed to let everyone know that he was kicking ass at love.

Do you know couples like this, or have you been this couple? Come on -- tell on yourself!

-- Holly

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