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My Married Life: About Us

Hi there!

Holly and Jack here -- aka the "My Married Life" bloggers.
Since we're going to be dishing about our lives after I-do, we thought we'd kick things off by telling you a bit about ourselves.

Jack and I have been married for about three years, and we dated for about a million before that. So while we sometimes feel like an old married couple, we're technically just clueless newbies. I'm a fashion/beauty/lifestyle writer, and Jack is a set dresser/carpenter who has helped shape the look of countless photo shoots and reality shows. Our schedules are unpredictable and chaotic, so blogging four times a week will be quite a feat, but we're up for the challenge.

As you'll quickly learn, we are both super-opinionated (opinions which don't always align with each other, by the way). But while I tend to blurt my every thought, Jack usually has a bit more tact. Bottom line: Who we are in the blog is who we are in real life.

We'll be posting about our day-to-day experience as a young married couple, and sounding off on everything from celeb relationships to the latest scientific study concerning marriage.

I'll pen most of the entries, but Jack will chime in with a "He Said" at least once a week. So if there's something you're dying to hear his take on, just drop us a line.

Our hope? Even if every fiber of your being disagrees with something we say, at least we'll get a laugh out of you.


-- Holly

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