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My Married Life: Allergic to Sperm?

Even though it sounds like a National Enquirer headline (albeit an R-rated version) this story is actually completely true. Julie Boyd dated her now-husband Mike for years. But it wasn't until their wedding night, when the couple first did the deed without a condom, that Boyd realized something was really, really wrong. Experts call the painful-sounding issue seminal plasma hypersensitivity -- which is just a fancy way of saying "sperm allergy" -- and say that it affects up to 40,000 American women.

This article did two things for me. One, it made me flinch and cross my legs. Duh. Two, it reminded me how much you can sometimes fool yourself into believing that you're really in charge of every little twist and turn in life -- you'll get married at such and such age, you'll have kids at such and such age (and yes, when I say you, I really mean me)...and then, one day, life turns around and wham! You're allergic to your husband's friggin’ sperm! Forget babies. Let's just focus on how not to be in horrible pain after every shag, shall we?

Bottom line: You just never know when life is going to throw you a sucker punch. Poor Julie (and Mike)!

Readers, have you ever head of anything like this? Or have any of you experienced anything like this?

-- Holly

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