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My Married Life: Another Gore Divorce

Way, way back when divorce was considered social suicide, people worried whether divorce was contagious -- and rightly so. Rightly, because the stigma faded slightly with every couple who split within a given circle. Today, with nary a stigma to speak of, we (and I’m speaking for myself here) are still affected by couple friends who divorce. It has happened a few times already to Jack and me even though we (and most of our friends) are pretty young and haven’t been married for long. Each split caused us to take a look at our marriage and assess. Luckily, we concluded each time that our marriage was pretty solid. But other couples might conclude otherwise.

If the couple splitting had been together forever (like Tipper and Al), I think it would pack a bigger wallop. I mean, everyone I know is talking about that divorce. I was surprised to hear adult friends say that they would be devastated if their parents were to divorce now. So it’s entirely possible that the elder Gore’s split did have something to do with Karenna Gore Schiff and her husband separating. Maybe it gave her (and her husband) “permission” to walk away from an unhappy situation.


-- Holly

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