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My Married Life: Are Adulterers Drawn to Certain Careers?

 I have to say -- whoever does PR for Ashley Madison is a genius. The site for web-savvy cheaters is pretty much always in the news -- just for being -- well, a web site for cheaters. They got more press when they created their own an iPhone app -- and now, they've released the findings of a survey of their members -- breaking down adulterers by profession. According to the survey, most unfaithful females are teachers or stay-at-home moms, while the males are doctors or police officers. The study also revealed that 100% of those polled were liars. Just kidding. But seriously, they are all liars.

They lie about what they are doing, who they are doing it with and where they physically are on a regular basis. Cause that’s the cheating drill.

So they could have at least said they were all elephant trainers or something interesting, right?

Anyway -- what do you guys think of these results? Think they are spot on?

-- Holly

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