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My Married Life: Are Men Less Happy Post Marriage?

In a new San Francisco Chroncile interview, Facebook data science manager Cameron Marlow claims that women become less happy after saying “yes,” then feel happy again after getting married whereas men’s moods plummet post wedding. Facebook tracks the positive and negative comments in status posts to draw these conclusions. Since I haven’t updated my status in well over six months, I kind of wonder what their researchers would have to say about my personal happiness.

I’m also curious about how much youth plays into this equation. After all, aren’t most Facebook users young? (I know my parents and in-laws are lurking there now -- but their demo does not make up the majority of users.) My guess is that men who marry young report lower levels of post nuptial bliss than older guys who wait a bit longer to get hitched. And then…there’s the idiot factor. After all, aren’t most status updates completely redic (i.e., "In line at Pinkberry…yum!")? Or is that just my group of friends?  

Anyway -- what do you guys think about these stats? 

-- Holly

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