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My Married Life: Are You Married to the Anti-Cuddler?

Don't take it personally, science says it's a man thing.

I tend to shy away from topics that are all, "What is the DEAL with men?" However, this article on The Awl was too good not to mention. Here's the premise: Most men do not want to cuddle after sex unless they think it could lead to more sex. I know! Hold the phone, right? Personally, I can confirm that Jack is not a big postcoital cuddler. But guess who else isn't?

That's right, moi. Seriously, if we just did the deed, I'm fine with him keeping his hands to himself (unless he's campaigning for round two). This is not to say that I don't ever want to be hugged, kissed, or goosed at other times throughout the day, ’cause I do. I love those little loving touches that aren't the precursor (or mandatory wrap-up) to sex; they make me feel loved and wanted. I guess I get a lot out of nonverbal signs of affection because Jack can tell me he loves me all the livelong day, but when he slaps my butt in passing, I think, "Yay! We've still got it." How redic is that? Bottom line: I love all the ingredients of cuddling -- just not after sex. How about you guys? What’s your take on after-sex cuddling?

-- Holly