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My Married Life: Bachelors Who Flip the Switch

Vince Vaughn recently announced that after a long run as a free agent, he's finally ready to join the married club. I've seen this shift happen. Honestly, most guys (including me) weren't born with a natural inclination to get married, and yet -- here we are. But I'm always suspicious when guys announce it. I remember a friend who made a similar proclamation -- that he was finally ready to commit. Of course, this was right after his girlfriend broke up with him...because of his failure to commit. Funny thing is, I'm sure he thought he was being sincere.

But men don't put marriage on hold solely because of commitment issues. After all, there are lots of good reasons to wait. For example, those weird people from the Midwest aren't actually related to you until after you get married. My point is, men (including me) should be allowed to take their time.

On the flip side, sometimes men's motives ARE a bit more devious. And, yes, by that I mean they are exactly what women suspect and fear. Some men are trying to keep their options open. I have one friend who laid it all out for me. He actually said, "I don’t know if I can marry [blank]. What if some hot chick comes up to me one day and wants to have sex with me? I don't want to cheat on my wife."

Oh, how I wish I had a visual aid to help make my point right now. Suffices to say this guy had nothing to worry about. I tried to let him know that the scenario he described was very unlikely, and that he might want to give marriage another look. I don't know if he really heard me, but to date, the relationship is much more serious and I've yet to receive a report of any "hot chicks" muscling in to do a little home-wreckin’.

Hey -- any guys out there willing to cop to why they just aren't ready -- or why they suddenly ARE?

-- Jack

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