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My Married Life: Dealing with Bad Neighbors

Are you laid-back or aggressive when dealing with duds in the hood?

Here's the deal. For the most part, Jack and I love our neighbors. We know how lucky we are because neighbor disputes are not cute. They can make people literally hate where they live -- which is fairly major. Lucky for us, we only have one real dud, but she's honestly more of a doozy. She keeps her two ginormous hound dogs in a big fenced yard. So far so good, right? least twice a day she lets the dogs loose, to go run around and "be free." We live on the outskirts of a historic town in upstate New York, so the yards are fairly large, but they are still yards -- wilderness country it ain’t. So when the dogs are let loose, they quickly pick one of several unfenced yards (usually ours) to take big giant doggy dumps before happily scampering on home. I am so tired of "encountering" dog poop land mines while tooling around my own yard. Especially when (as well-trained city folk) we are in the habit of cleaning up after our own pooch wherever he goes. What's more, her dogs have snapped at our little guy once or twice, so we are nervous that they might really come after him one of these days. So far, we've done nothing besides tell her it makes us uncomfortable. Mostly, we've just grumbled to ourselves. But I'm thinking that it's time to start calling the dogcatcher every time I see them off the leash. Jack and I have hesitated because we don't want anything bad to happen to her dogs, but we also don't want anything to happen to OUR dog, who is following the leash (and poop) rules, either. How would you guys handle this situation? I definitely don't want to get into an all-out neighborhood war. But I'm sick of just sucking it up. Plus, share your neighborhood war stories -- from the nosy to the nasty -- below!

-- Holly