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My Married Life: Not Another Blissful Marriage Blog

Piggybacking on my entry from earlier in the week, I just stumbled across the blog, Supposed Married Bliss (formerly, Supposed Newlywed Bliss). I'm sure the title brings blogger Sarah Eve tons of traffic. But it made me worry that the blog would be a huge bummer. Turns out it isn't negative, it's just real. Eve cops to having a bit of a comedown after her honeymoon, and I can relate. Truth is, reentry can be a bitch. Just like marathon runners, brides (and grooms) often get the blues after the big day. I call it a case of the "what nows."

After reading a few entries, I gathered that Eve and her husband, Josh, both practicing Mormons, didn't live together before they were married, so their adjustment period was likely tougher than those who did. Bottom line: How can you not love a couple who put on their wedding outfits (yep, we're talking puffy white gown!) and hit the Cheesecake Factory to celebrate their one-year anniversary? Hilarious!

I do think this is an interesting topic -- couples coming to terms with the day-to-day reality of marriage. Were you disenchanted as a newlywed? Or was it even better than you expected?

-- Holly

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