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My Married Life: Boxers or Briefs? The Real Question is Who's Buying

A new poll by British retailer Debenhams has connected men's underwear-buying habits with the status of their romantic lives. The poll said that between the ages of 19 and 23, men buy the most undies (up to 31 pairs a year!), believing, apparently, that fresh drawers will help them land love. Huh... Not the worst strategy I've ever heard. But 31 pairs a year? Dang!

Store representatives explained that how much underwear a man is buying can indicate whether he's looking for a partner. Buying lots? He's on the prowl. Next-to-none? He's in a stable relationship and may have found his soul mate. The biggest reveal? When a man is really ready to settle down, he'll "let" the woman in his life start buying the briefs. So, congrats, all you ladies with your man's waist size scribbled on your shopping list. Guess it means he's really, really into you.

I'm not so sure these stats apply to Jack. First of all, I can say with complete certainty that he's never bought 31 pairs of anything in a single year. And second, even though we've been together for 10 years (married for two), I've purchased underwear for him exactly once. Was it because we were experiencing a romantic high point? ’Fraid not. It was because he was working crazy late and couldn't make it to the store during business hours.

My guess is that if a similar poll were done in the US, it would generate vastly different results. Most of the men I know are very opinionated about every single thing they put on -- especially their unmentionables -- and they really prefer to do their own shopping.

But who knows? Maybe, like the study says, Jack will pass the baton to me forever after he turns 44, and I'll be in charge of fetching his boxer-briefs for the rest of his days.

Dare to dream.

What about you? Do you think this poll holds any weight? Is everyone out there on an underwear-buying spree I just don’t know about? Dish!

-- Holly

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