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My Married Life: Can a DIY Destroy a Marriage?

I can't even count the number of fights Jack and I've had while working on the house together. I mean, a renovation (one part chaos, two parts expectation, one part cluelessness) is pretty much the recipe for bicker-fest 2010. And yet, I love project-ing with my man.

Why is that? Are we gluttons for punishment? Just plain dumb? I think it's because we've learned that shared victories are the sweetest kind. Every time we conquer another insurmountable-looking room together, we feel like the two of us are a real force...a formidable pair...true partners. But this couple threw in the DIY-as-a-duo towel completely. After one too many dumb fights, the pair decided to make all home improvement projects solo missions. By staying out of each other's hair, they've managed to achieve harmony.

How do you guys balance DIY and marital happiness?

-- Holly

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