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My Married Life: Can Searching Online Make You Feel Bad About Yourself?

It's about this time every year that my friends and I start to get cabin fever. With freezing temperatures, only a few hours of daylight, and months of the same to look forward to, we start to get a little. During this time, we all admit to spending way too many hours surfing the Internet -- reading blogs, updating Facebook statuses and googling things we will never use, like cleaning schedules.

Eventually, one of my girlfriends will call crying, admitting to cyber-stalking her ex, and I'll have to talk her down with brownies and/or beer. Personally, I could give a crap what (or who) my exes are doing. But what gets me every now and then are the "real women" blogs, where the woman somehow manages to look amazing while keeping (and constantly redecorating) a perfect house. On a good day, I love these kinds of blogs and sites -- they’re great for generating ideas, and the how-tos are priceless. But on a bad day, I can get a little peeved by all the...well, perfection. Which is why I loved reading this.

So tell me: How do you make yourself feel like crap online? (And if you don't, congrats -- but please, spare the rest of us any lectures on self-esteem.)

-- Holly

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