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My Married Life: Celebrity Divorce Court

Listen, I'm a realist. I've pushed dying friends to create last will and testaments even though they were understandably resistant. "You hope your second cousins won't be battling over your dirty socks and divvying up your snow globe collection," I said. "But the only way to guarantee it is to get it all down on paper." So it might seem weird that I tend to be so anti prenup. I guess the main difference is that we're all going to die whereas a select few of us will actually avoid divorce court.

I just hate the idea of people acting as if divorce is as inevitable as death. In some ways, drafting up a prenuptial agreement signals that exact thing. But here's where I start to backpedal: when we're talking about billionaires. The reason? That much money makes people act caaaraaaazy. Sorry, but it's true. Have you ever seen/read an interview with the Getty children? The divorce of Stephanie Seymour and Peter Brandt is a great example. The duo has already been in court upwards of 12 times, and their complaints against each other are things like him snatching 15 Andy Warhol paintings from their home and her stuffing 17 Picassos into her purse in response. (Okay, I made up the Picassos but whatevs.) In cases like this, where either one or both parties have billions and billions of dollars (and not quite as much sense), I kinda think prenups should be mandatory.

What do you think?

-- Holly

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