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Winning? Charlie Sheen's Mental Health in Question

Is it maybe time for Sheen's ex-wives to band together and intervene?

Listen, I've been laughing my butt off all week over Charlie Sheen's insane rants (which seemed even funnier when combined with kittens). Full disclosure: I, for one, am not a big Sheen fan. Two and a Half Men has never made me laugh, and I tend to hold grudges against known wife beaters. But after watching these videos, I'm kind of feeling guilty for laughing. Here's why: I think it's clear that Chucky (who just tested clean for drugs) is having a massive manic episode. As in mental illness. As in not his fault. As in he needs serious help, seriously fast.

It's said that manic-depressives are more of a danger to themselves and others during their manic periods -- not, as one might assume, during their depressed periods. So I'm wondering: Where is Charlie's family during this time? And if his immediate family is too dysfunctional to do anything, where the heck are his ex-wives? I mean Brooke Mueller was with him as recently as last week, even though she has certainly suffered abuse at his hands. So I'm kind of crossing my fingers that she'll tap into that codependency one last time, round up a posse of mental health professionals and try to get Sheen committed temporarily.

What do you guys think? Do you agree that it's a little gross of Hollywood to be using Sheen's breakdown to boost the ratings of various shows? Or do you think I've gone soft?

-- Holly

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