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My Married Life: Cheaters and Big Divorce Settlements

The few times I've written about the Tiger Woods divorce I've been pretty shocked by the comments. Some said Nordegren was a trophy wife and knew what she was signing up for. Others said that she had to have known what was happening all along because, come on! Still others said that pretty much all women are money-sucking vampires who prey upon unsuspecting men (who, by the way, all cheat).

It was all quite educational for moi. I happen to believe Nordegren when she says that she had no idea Woods was cheating. I also happen to think that the fact that she was a "trophy wife," which last time I checked just meant young and beautiful, had nothing to do with it. So how do I feel reading that she netted somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 million dollars from good ole Tiger?'s about the number I was expecting. It seems relative to the percentage of income that a "normal rich” guy would pay out in a divorce. But here's where I'll bet I disagree with you, dear reader: I don't think for a second that this makes Nordegren and Woods "even." I'm sure that a lot of you think she scored and should just shut up (okay, I'm paraphrasing). But here's the thing -- I don't think she scored. I think she was really in love with the dude, she was totally betrayed, and she has two young children to care for in the (crazy wealthy) manner to which they are accustomed. I'll bet you anything that she'd rather have her old life back, and I wouldn't want to be in her shoes for a hundred mill.

What do you think?

-- Holly

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