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My Married Life: Do You Check Your Phone During Sex?

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you already know that Holly sometimes jokingly calls me the Unabomber on account of my tendency to rail against our too-techy culture. But I'm guessing that a few of you will share my reaction to the following statistic (found on the hilarious men's wedding site, The Plunge). "According to the findings from PC Tools, almost a quarter of Americans (22%) think it's perfectly acceptable to be plugged in -- via iPhones, BlackBerries, Droids -- during sex."

Other findings of the study? Twenty-six percent of people polled think it's cool to be connected during the honeymoon! That’s it -- I'm moving to a cabin in the mountains and growing a ZZ Top beard.

Just kidding. But seriously, come on people! Since when was sex not enough to hold a person's attention? And since (and I'm guessing here) a fairly low percentage of those polled were surgeons or nuclear physicists, what the hell are they checking their "portable devices" for? Who needs to read, "Jennifer lost a cow on her farm in Farmville," on their way to the big O?

Oh, no one? That's right, NO ONE.

What would you do if your partner pulled out an iPhone mid-sesh? Or wait, have you ever done this?

-- Jack