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Tasks You Should Let Your Husband Handle

Even though you can technically do them yourself.

Holly sent me a link to this Man Wife and Dog blog entry, which has a list of tasks that wives should let their husbands do for them -- even if they can do them for themselves. It's a short, fairly predictable, but fairly accurate list: moving heavy stuff, late-night gas pumping, etc. And pretty true for my relationship.

And there's another entry called "4 Tasks a Man Should Always Let His Wife Handle." Again, fairly accurate and predictable: laundry sorting, pet bathing, etc. But there was one thing on this particular list that is the exact opposite for Holly and me: Talking to the police. In my relationship, Holly is the hothead who is more likely to accidentally say something sarcastic or rude after being pulled over by a traffic cop. Luckily, she knows this about herself, so she's happy to keep her lips zipped and let me do the (polite) talking -- should that unpleasant scenario ever occur.

And there's definitely something I could add to the "let the dude do it" list. And mind you -- this is only for my relationship. This is not a "women are no good at blah, blah." It's just that Holly and I tend to run more like a well-oiled machine when we respect our respective areas of expertise and don't step all over each other. Understood? Good. Here's my addition: map reading (followed by the classic map folding). I actually enjoy reading maps, plotting routes and then putting the whole mess away in a tidy fashion. Meanwhile, here's an actual quote from Holly when I once asked her if she had consulted a map pre-road trip: "What are we...animals? One word, old man: GPS." So obviously, she has no business ever interacting with a paper map, and we both agree.

What would you add to the list?

-- Jack

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