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Christmas With Just the Two of Us

I’m loving the low-key and stress-free holidays!

Even though Jack has talked about gift guides for the past few weeks, you should know that we are really low-key when it comes to Christmas. I decorated the tree, we’ve each enjoyed a lot of online browsing and a little actual online shopping, and that’s pretty much it. Neither of us is willing to go to a single brick-and-mortar store except to buy the little stockingy things, which we will probably save for the last minute…or skip entirely. We haven’t really decided.

But I know the holidays aren’t this easy for a lot of other people -- namely, couples who spend the holidays with their extended families. This post on The Nest boards about a mother’s rather unsportsmanlike behavior before Christmas reminded me of how hard it is to juggle the diverse personalities of parents, siblings and in-laws during holiday hangs. Even though Jack and I are opting out and sharing a quiet Christmas alone this year, we’ve done it the other way plenty of times. So if you are feeling the squeeze of holiday pressure, rest assured, we’ve all been there. And it’ll be over soon, darling.

So, just so we can all have a laugh, does anyone have any holiday horror stories to share? Come on, it’s only us!

-- Holly

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