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Who Else Got Horrible Clothes For Christmas?

Extra points if you paint us a vivid picture

Jack and I had an amazing Christmas. It was mellow, it was relaxing and it was OMG crazy-hard to break up our little love bubble and go back to work. As I've said before, my family doesn't "do" holidays, so on the upside, I have no pressure. On the downside, I have no presents. But Jack's family does it up big time. They sent us multiple packages, none of which I was the least bit curious or excited about opening. Why? Because, despite their being told gently (and then not quite so gently, and then super bluntly) NOT to buy us any more clothes, I knew the packages contained clothes. I guess Jack's parents just can't help themselves. So who are we to deny them the pleasure of picking out such items? This year, Jack (who is long and lean) got another XXL shirt that fits like a floppy maternity dress and is made out of fabric so inexplicably ugly that it manages to look like velour, corduroy and acid wash all at once. I on the other hand got a fairly inoffensive sweater dress that would (will) look awesome on a prepubescent girl, provided she is well under 5 feet tall. I put it on for giggles and the bottom hem hit right at my navel. Jack and I will donate the clothes as we do each year with the tags still attached. Hopefully, they will make someone else very happy. Now, your turn. Please share.

PS: First person to "at least" me (i.e. you should be grateful, at least you have a mother-in-law) wins the rotten fruitcake award. Merry, merry!

-- Holly

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