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My Married Life: Computer Time Eating into Your Marriage?

Can I just say how much I love Life Hacker? Even though I'm doing pretty well in this department (for now), Jack and I used to argue about my computer/BlackBerry usage all the time. He felt it was infiltrating every area of my life, and I felt I was just being a responsible adult who cared about her career.

I mean what did he expect -- that’d I’d just put it down and say, “Fine, I’ll just quit my job. Yeah, and I’ll sit around being available to you all the time. Fine? Fine!”

PS Are you starting to get that I argue like a complete moron when I know that I'm the one in the wrong?

Turns out, Jack was totally right. These days, I've significantly backed off my email addiction and have found that I'm actually more productive by being plugged in less. But if I ever feel myself slipping back into the Internet abyss, I'll totally use this application. It shuts down your system at scheduled times so you can't do the "five more minutes" waffle.
What do you think? Could this help you monitor your usage?

-- Holly

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