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My Married Life: Comfort vs. Cool

I just read an article in The New York Times about these ugly "gorilla shoes" which are poised to become the new Crocs. Even though these (and Crocs) are unisex, the story was written by a woman who was mortified to see her husband wearing them.

I'm on her side on this one.

The excessively comfortable shoe craze is one of those guy things that I just can't get on board with. In fact, I pride myself on choosing self-respect over comfort on a daily basis. Maybe it's a generational thing, but I'll admit, looking cool is important to me. And, yes, I do realize how deeply uncool it is of me to admit that. But I've just never related to people who make comfort their number-one priority when it comes to getting dressed. This goes for folks at both ends of the spectrum...the bratty teen wearing pajama pants, or the yuppy dude wearing gorilla shoes.

I think some guys are trying to look like they've reached a stage of enlightenment where ego no longer matters, feet are forever free, and clothing is fun. I'm pretty sure that I've never worn anything that could be described as "fun," at least not as an adult.

My father-in-law is this guy. Before our wedding, Holly predicted he'd show up to the ceremony wearing relaxed-fit jeans, regardless of dress code. I honestly can't remember exactly what he wore; I had other things on my mind (including my own cool-but-not particularly-comfortable outfit). But I vaguely remember some sort of Caribbean-themed necktie, worn, undoubtedly to demonstrate the fun factor and/or his advanced stage of enlightenment.

Rule of thumb: If you chose any item of clothing based on the idea that it will make a great conversation starter -- rethink it.

Rule of thumb II: If you find yourself regularly saying, "But they're really comfortable," about any item of clothing -- rethink it.

I doubt that I'll get any support on this one -- but guys, what do you think?

-- Jack

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