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My Married Life: Couples Who Go Crazy Together

Randy and Evi Quad: what the hell happened?

Have you guys been following the shenanigans of Randy and Evi Quaid? There have been multiple beyond-bizarre incidents. After a few years of flat-out weirdness, like getting arrested for "defrauding an innkeeper" and squatting in two different homes they used to own, as well as nude photos of Evi being mailed to a Seattle newspaper, the duo has just found a way to top themselves.

They have applied for refugee status. In Canada. (No, really.) This Jezebel post shows a note (being held up to the camera by their lawyer) that states that the couple are requesting "asylum from Hollywood star whackers." The post goes on to explain that the Quaids fear for their lives after eight of their famous friends have been killed. Oh, jeez. Listen, we've all had friends who for one reason or another lost it––at least temporarily. But I've never seen a couple go completely cuckoo-bananas TOGETHER. For that reason, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say…drugs. 'Cause last time I checked, schizophrenia was not contagious. But what do you guys think? Have you ever known a couple that really seemed to have left the planet together? Maybe not to this degree or anything, but just sort of...checked out?

-- Holly

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