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My Married Life: Couples Who Want You to Know They're Doing It

Why do some couples sell the sexiness of their relationship?

This picture of Demi and Ashton is what got me thinking about it. I mean, we all have friends like these. Friends who french-kiss at brunch. Friends who post porny pics of their hedonist holiday all over Facebook. It's common, really. But common or not, it still stinks of desperation.

With Demi and Ashton, the ick factor is turned up a notch due to rumors of the Kuch's infidelity (which for the sake of Moore, I hope are untrue). Because of that, Demi tweeting snuggle pics from bed has the appearance of a blatant publicity ploy. But you know what? I see the other examples I listed as pretty much the same thing. Sure, some PDAs are most likely genuine. My friend who always frenches his wifey in front of the free world is totally in love and probably not trying to prove anything. But you know what else? Even if it's not phony, it's weird. People talk about it. A lot.

So come on America, stop broadcasting the fact that you are doing it. I mean, we're glad that you are doing it and all. But stop!

P.S. Please tell me I'm not alone here!

-- Holly

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