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David Arquette Demonstrates How Not to Behave During a Trial Separation

Did anyone out there separate and then get back together?

When I hear the words trial separation, I think: Okay, here are two people who are calling a time-out and taking a second to take stock of their broken relationship in the hopes of rescuing it. What I don't think: Here is the perfect time to call Howard Stern and talk about your recent extracurricular sex life. (I'm talking to you, David Arquette.)

In reality, it seems like trial separations have become nothing more than the quiet before the storm -- a chance for both parties to lawyer up, smuggle crap they want out of the home, and update their profiles.

Do you even know anyone who separated and then got back together? Have you done it? If so I'd love to hear about it. It seems like a separation could be a helpful relationship-saving tool if used correctly. But I have never actually seen it in action.

-- Holly