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My Married Life: Dear Santa, Stop Wrecking My Sex Life

Tres Sugar has a slideshow up right now entitled, "How to Avoid a Sex Slump." Who knew that was even a thing? I'm trying to think if I/we have experienced one. I mean, we've definitely had a your-parents-are-here sex slump. So I guess that counts. And actually, if I am to be completely honest, we've had a few I-feel-like-a-beached-whale-don't-touch-me sex slumps -- which are 90 percent more likely to occur during the holiday season. So yeah, I guess so. Mark us down for "sometimes experience."

I will say that I find most of the suggestions for avoidance to be quite cheesy (bake cookies together? Gee, I'm hot just thinking about it). But I do agree that it's important to spend time alone (and not just when you’re both super-exhausted). During the holidays, Jack and I have to pre-book hang time if it's going to happen. There's just next to no chance that we’ll spontaneously get a night alone with our over-stuffed itineraries.

Do you guys notice the holidays taking a toll on your sex lives? Is there anyone out there having better sex right now? Do tell.

-- Holly

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