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My Married Life: Did You Talk Credit Scores While Dating?

In an article on the Huffington Post, financial expert Rodney Anderson says that couples should take a good hard look at each other's full credit reports early on, before falling in love. He also recommends reviewing the past six months of each other's bank and credit card statements. Man! If I would have seen Holly's credit report when we were first dating, I'd have had to lie down and pop a handful of Rolaids.

By the time I asked her to marry me, I was well aware of how bad it was. I cracked more than a few jokes about the "amazing credit score" I was "marrying into." When it comes to matters of finance, Holly was basically raised by wolves, so it took her a few years longer than most to figure out basics like...paying taxes is not optional. These days, her credit is good (and getting better all the time), and mine is still excellent. It took her a while to clean up her act, but she definitely made it happen. Even though I understand why Anderson recommends it, I'm glad that we didn't address this early on in our relationship. It would have been such a buzzkill (which, come to think of it, is probably his whole point).

My point? Anderson's advice runs in complete conflict with the way Holly and I think, but I'm sure lots of you are more practical minded. Did you delve way into financial details before things got serious? How'd it go?

-- Jack

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