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My Married Life: Do You Love Where You Sleep?

Could a better bedroom mean a better love life?

I don't know if you guys have all already seen this DIY headboard made by Design Sponge blogger Grace Bonney, but when Bonney first posted it in 2009, I was floored. This week, The Frisky ran a video tour of Bonney's entire bedroom, and I got inspired-slash-jealous all over again. Personally, I love to look at shelter mags and design blogs and daydream about how different my life would be if only I lived in that room. It's a fun, decor-is-my-porn pastime. But when it comes to drooling over a gorgeous bedroom and imagining how cool it would be if only it were mine, what is it that I am really craving?

There have been all kinds of polls and stories about how women are affected by their spaces––some even say women can't get into sex if there's a basket of dirty laundry near the bed. So I guess what I want is a sexier bedroom. But (and let Bonney's room serve as exhibit A) sexy doesn't have to mean bow chicka bow wow. It can just mean clean, well designed, and free from clutter. I know! I'm getting hot and bothered just thinking about it! I think a great headboard goes a long way toward creating a sexy bedroom. I'm definitely going to ask Jack to cut out a cool shape for me so I can get going on my own DIY proj. In the meantime, I think I'll get the basket of dirty laundry out of there. So tell me, have any of you fixed up your bedroom and found that it paid dividends in the sack…or suffered from the opposite?

-- Holly

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